40 Interesting Facts about Greece

facts about Greece

We present you with 40 of the most interesting facts about Greece in this well-researched list. Did you know, with roughly equal size yet the population of Greece is more than the double of Alabama? Tourism is a huge industry here and every year the number of tourists visiting is more than the entire population.

1. Anybody who’s 18+ can’t skip voting according to the law. The option of not voting is not available in Greece.

2. Greece contributes to around 7% of total marble produced all over the world.

3. In Greece, the number of international airports is a bit high as compared to any other country due to a good number of tourists visiting every day.

international airports greece
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4. Greece is the world’s 3rd leading producer of Olives and some Olive trees planted way back in the 13th century are still producing Olives.

5. Almost 80% of Greece is covered with mountains and this is the reason it has zero navigable rivers.

6. 98% of total population of Greece is ethnic Greeks. Rest minorities include Albanians, gypsies, Armenians, Bulgarians, and Macedonians.

population of Greece
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7. Greek is spoken by around 12 million people all over the world.

8. The Greek language has contributed to thousands of English words, some of the common one’s are (academy, apology, marathon, alphabet and typhoon).

9. The literacy rate of Greek adults in the 1950’s was only 30% which has now increased to almost 95%.

literacy rate of Greek
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10. More than 40% of the total population of Greece is residing in its capital Athens.

11. Greece has around 170 populated islands out of the total of more than 2000.

12. 6% of the annual GDP is spent on the military by the government. It is compulsory here for all Greek men to serve in any branch of the armed forces for a period of 1 year to 18 months.

greece armed forces
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13. Ancient Greece had 1500 different cities/states with each having its different army and law. They used to often quarrel with each other a lot.

14. In 1999 a very devastating earthquake hit both Greece and Turkey, here both came to each other’s aid and thus their relationship improved which was earlier pretty bad.

15. The average life of ancient Greek women was 36 and 45 for a man, which has risen to 82 for a female and 77 for a male.

greek couple
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16. The leading producer of Sea Sponges all over the world is Greece.

17. Greece has a maximum number of archaeological museums as compared to all the countries.

18. The national sport of Greece is Football.

greece Soccer game moment with goalkeeper
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19. There are no Retirement homes in Greece as the Grandparents here usually live with their children.

20. There is an ancient belief in Greece that turquoise blue (color) keeps evil away.

21. Almost 100,000 birds from Asia and northern Europe spend their winters in Greece’s wetlands.

birds in Greece
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22. The most popular tourist spot in Greece is the city of Rhodes which is also the capital of the island of Rhodes.

23. A Greek cook named COROEBUS became the first Olympic champion in 776 B.C.

24. The first municipal dump in the western world was organized by Greece around 500 B.C.

cleaning in greece
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25. Greek is one of the oldest languages of Europe which is being spoken from more than 3000 years or so.

26. There are more than 250 days of sunshine in a year in Greece.

27. Greeks always wave with their palm closed as they consider it an insult to show the palm with fingers extended.

Greek Woman goodbye
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28. The coastline of Greece is 10th longest in the world extending up to 9000 miles.

29. 33 Kg of bronze armor was exactly what a soldier used to wear in ancient Greece.

30. Feasts were meant for only men in the ancient Greek and women were there for entertainment.

ancient Greek
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31. Animals were sacrificed by wealthy people in the temples.

32. During each Olympics 100 bulls were sacrificed to the Zeus by the Greeks.

33. Earlier Greek coins always had the face of gods or goddesses on it until Alexander the great put its own on them.

Old greek coin
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34. The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic.

35. After the collapse of Greece’s military dictatorship in 1974, 2 major political parties (Socialists and Democrats) were formed.

36. Greece has the highest abortion rates and the lowest divorce rates in the EU.

Highest rate of abortion
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37. Around 20% of a Greek worker’s pay is deducted for taxes and national health care. Free hospitals and various medical services are provided by the government in return.

38. Every year 1 month of paid vacation is provided to a Greek worker.

39. Even with a college degree, 10% of the Greek youth are unemployed. It’s pretty difficult to find a job here.

Greece University Concept
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40. The national cheese of Greece is Feta (made from goat’s milk).

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