The police were called 91 times during the filming of the movie Borat.

Would you believe that a movie without a solid script could break the Box Office charts? This is no mean task. Such was the case with ‘Borat’, whose notes go on to say: “The movie is an experiment — a new form of filmmaking for an age in which reality and entertainment have become increasingly intertwined. Real events with real people push the film’s fictional story, and when scenes played out in unexpected ways, Baron Cohen and his colleagues had to rewrite the outline.

The police were called 91 times during the filming of the movie Borat

In real life, the legally questionable activities of one Baron Cohen and his cohorts attracted the local authorities’ attention ever so often. There was one time that a warrant of arrest was issued for him in New York, and Cohen was advised by the boys in blue to leave the state when he attempted to secure a room at a fancy hotel with his underwear hanging out of his pants.

However, Cohen remained true to character through all this. Even when he was nabbed and detained by the Secret Service after he was seen going round the White House in an ice cream track.

Word going round is that during the filming of the movie, the cops were called on Baron Cohen on 91 separate occasions. IMDB puts the figure at 92. Not only that, multiple lawsuits were launched by the film’s participants claiming that they were made to look like idiots. The judges have all ruled against these claims, thankfully, saying just because someone puts you on camera doesn’t mean he/she is legally bound to make you look good.


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