The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses

Seems some of the most outrageous things we hear did get to be engraved in the form of the Greek national anthem which boasts 158 verses, or stanzas if you rather, which makes it officially the longest national anthem in the world, by length of text

national anthem of Greece has 158 verses

Whatever were they thinking? The Greek national anthem is better known as the Hymn to Freedom, or the Hymn to Liberty. It was inked down by a poet going by the name Dionysios Solomos in a single month – back in May 1823 at a place called Zakynthos on the hill of his BFF Loudovikos Stranis. And guess who else uses the anthem? – Cyprus.

The right thing is that no one in the land has it etched in memory in its entirety. Any Greeks in the house? Can’t blame them. The first three verses were adopted as the official national anthem, and later the first two for both the aforementioned countries.


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