The earthquake that devastated central China in 1557 and killed 830,000 people was the most lethal of its kind.

An earthquake is in fact one of nature’s most violent phenomena. Some come mild, others hit with devastating effect. An earthquake may result from the earth plates shifting under stress or breaking off completely. You may be surprised to know that actually thousands of quakes occur in the world every single day. However, they are too weak to be noticed, or rather felt. With scientists detecting half a million earthquakes every year across the globe, folks only feel a small percentage of these

earthquake that devastated central China in 1557

Every year, an earthquake of magnitude 8 on the Richter Scale occurs every year at some location in the world. However, those grave ones occur on average once in five years. These are the ones that flatten out cities, lead to volcanic eruptions, burst dams, trigger landslides and giant seawaves.

One such quick happened to hit central China back in 1557. This one was one of its kind though. If you have ever experienced the tremors that result from earthquakes, you can paint a picture. Known as the Shaanxi quake or Jiajing quake, it was the most lethal to ever occur on earth. Roads were wiped out, rivers and mountains changed places, the ground rose up to form new hills with part of it sinking to form valleys. Other areas saw the ground break and new gullies emerging, a part saw a new stream burst out instantaneously. Huts and official digs were no more, and temples and city walls seized to be. At the end of it all,  close to a million people perished (830,000).


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