The Asian Giant Hornet is the size of your thumb, and stings with flesh dissolving acid that alerts other wasps to sting you until you die

Those who suffer from entomophobia (fear of insects) may find this quite unnerving. There are about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (what do you call that?) insects on earth at any given time. If you take the ratio of humans to bugs, there are 1.5 billion bugs for each one of us. Some of them it’s better to avoid. An example is the Asian Giant Hornet, or more specifically, the Japanese Giant Hornet.Japanese-Giant-Hornet

This hornet is the size of your thumb. It can spray flesh-melting poison and to make it even worse, this poison contains a certain pheromone cocktail that will attract every hornet in the hive to come over and sting you to death.

The hornet can fly 50 miles a day and can be found not only in the jungle but just about anywhere.  It flies mostly to look for food to bring back to the hive and check this out. When a hornet on a scouting mission sites a beehive, it reports back to base and brings along a couple of comrades to raid the hive. Bees stand absolutely no chance of defending against these killer machines.

A single hornet can lay waste to 1,000 bees in that ratio and 30 of these can take out an entire bee colony of 30,000 with minimal fuss leaving behind a ruthless massacre in less than 3 hours. National Geographic had an excellent video which you can watch online to give you a better understanding of how this goes down. The Japanese Giant Hornet is such an efficient killing machine and even humans are not spared its wrath. Forty people are said to face their deaths in this fashion.


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