Sea otters rape and drown baby seals

There are numerous cases documented of sea otters picking out a baby seal on shore then biting its nose before dragging it into the water. The otter then forces itself on the seal and as it sexually assaults it, the baby seal dies of drowning. The sea otters are a sick lot since they don’t stop there: they will carry on having sex with the corpse for up to seven days after its death!

Sea otters rape and drown baby seals

So, what leads to this kind of behavior among the otters? It is believed that only single male otters take part in this disturbing behavior because they don’t have a partner and they get sexually frustrated. These are the males that are denied the chance to mate by the dominant ones and once they get a chance to, they do it to the death, literally.

The male otters seem so sex-deprived that they don’t treat the seals any differently than their own. They will also mate with a female otter till she’s dead, and indeed, during the study period in Monterey Bay between 2000 and 2003 by a California Department of Fish and Game team, 11 percent of the dead female otters examined appeared to have succumbed to such attacks.


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