Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.

Some fears are just mirthful. An example is anatidaephobia, a fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you. The word is derived from two Greek words, Anatidae meaning ducks, geese or swans, and phobos, which means fear. Just as most other phobias, anatidaephobia stems from an individual’s trauma suffered during childhood. It may be from watching the aggressive tendencies of ducks, swans or geese, or perhaps either of these birds bit the individual suffering from this condition at one time or another

there is a duck watching you

It may be comical to see these people confront their fear, but regardless of the cause, it may bring anxiety and distress to them which can prove detrimental to their everyday wellbeing. Symptoms of anatidaephobia depend on the individual but some of the most common include a dry mouth, nausea, muscle tension, body tremor, difficulties in breathing, a feeling of being trapped, among others.

Some of the ways it can be curbed include: joining support groups with others suffering from this phobia, hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques such as meditation, self-help techniques among others.

Anatidaephobia is so intense that it may hamper the productivity of the person suffering from the same, and if left unchecked can impact negatively on a person’s private and professional life. It needs to be treated because it can affect all aspects of the anatidaephobic’s life.


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