Sciophobia or Sciaphobia is the Fear of shadows.

Sciophobia, or Sciaphobia if you like, is the fear of shadows. The word originates from Greece where scio means shadow and for those of us who were not aware, the word phobia also is Greek for fear or morbid fear. So, what are the causes of Sciophobia you may ask

Fear of shadows

All phobias mostly stem from external, typically traumatic, events as well as internal predispositions. Yes, you can inherit certain kinds of phobias-could be thunder, heights, you name it. The good thing with phobias is that they can be traced back to the root cause, normally a traumatic event from your childhood.

Sciophobia usually can be traced to the source of the shadow. It may be a cartoon with a little mouse that casts a shadow that can look like the most sinister monster. The mind will definitely conjure a not-so-appealing scenario from this. Sciophobia can also emanate from a personal fear of shadows. This is the kind that gets passed down via genetics. If yours is not from a genetic predisposition then observed behavior could be the cause. Or a traumatic experience that resulted to a shadow that caused pain and suffering. This could, for instance, be physical assault to you or someone else by a person or an animal.

Symptoms? Could range from trembling, weeping, panic attacks, screaming, fainting, increased heart rate or anxiety in social settings. Treatment of Sciophobia, just as in any other kind of phobia, is not medicine-dependent. Note that medicine can elevate the condition if especially withdrawn but the best kind of treatment includes counseling, neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.


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