In France, you can legally marry a dead person! But they should have intention to go through with the wedding before the partner dies.

France allows a person (do we term the individual as ‘live’?) and a dead person to come together in union through marriage. This kind of marriage is commonly referred to as posthumous marriage and other countries that allow a similar form include China and Sudan. What’s captivating, though, is that there have been hundreds of these requests in France, not in total but hundreds every year since World War 1 when women and dead soldiers came together in matrimony through proxy

In France, you can legally marry a dead person

The trend caught on with civilian posthumous marriage having started in the 1950s when a dam in Fréjus, France burst killing 400 people. One of the victims was a man going by the name André Capra, who was engaged to Iréne Jodart. The mademoiselle begged President Charles De Gaulle to let her proceed with her marriage plans despite her fiancé being no more. With support from the media, Jodart was finally able to tie the knot with her heartthrob.

The legislation was passed and today, anyone who wants to marry their dear deceased is required to send a request to the French President, who passes it on to the Justice Minister who then forwards it to the prosecutor located in the surviving partner’s district. One hurdle though-the departed must have been for marriage plans so you cannot just go and say you want to get married to Napoleon.


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