Half a billion people in China never brush their teeth.

Brushing our teeth is one routine that we use to do to promote proper hygiene and oral health. We protect our teeth from cavities and other bad ailments that can cause damage. Not the Chinese people, according to a study that found nearly half billion of them never indulge in this daily ritual. In urban areas, people used to clean their teeth by the use of twigs or green tea.

The number may be lower though, given the study

dates back to 2002. Or higher, given the numbers in the most populous nation on earth keep rising by the day. Guess with the Chinese we’ll never know, we’ll we?

The World Health Organization launched a campaign to improve the oral hygiene of the Chinese. They cited one cause why nearly half billion of people never practice the proper oral hygiene. It’s because in China, the dentists are few with the ratio being 1 per 60,000 people. They cannot rely on dentists when they have oral problems, but the people here learned to find quick solutions to their problem by taking green tea or using brushes made from twigs. So inventive these guys! (sic).


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