Giraffes have no vocal cords, they communicate with their tails.

The giraffe may have some features that make it similar to other mammals but also boasts very notable ones that make it quite a unique animal. It may be similar to herbivores through its four stomachs. However, its other distinguishable features may leave you baffled, apart from its height and long neck

Giraffes have no vocal cords

For starters, the giraffe can use its tongue to (55 cm in length) to clean not only its nose but also the ears! It can also go without water for longer than a camel could (up to two weeks). Not only that, what many people do not know is that the giraffe can run faster than a horse can, despite its height. Its tongue is bluish-purple in color, covered in bristly hair and very tough to help it in feeding on thorny trees. What else makes it unique? This magnificent land mammal has no vocal cords. For communication, it uses its tail.

They are generally quiet animals but they also use a variety of sounds to communicate. Take for instance the courtship drill. The males make their intention known by emitting loud coughs. Females call the calves by bellowing and the calves will emit sounds such as bleating (like lambs), snorting (like pigs), mooing (like cows) and mewing (like cats?). Giraffes also snore (like humans), hiss (like snakes), moan (you can slot this in) and make flute-like sounds (like music), not to mention communicating via infrasound over long distances.



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