The first “Marlboro Man” died of lung cancer.

For the umpteenth time, cigarette smoking is bad for your health. And even the Marlboro Man cannot make it cool enough since they are also susceptible to go under with it. Many men

have played the role of Marlboro Man throughout the years, and not one but two of them have died from you guessed it right – lung cancer!

Wayne McClaren was the first Marlboro Man to perish and this was in 1992. He was the Stetson-wearing, rugged face of the giant cigarette manufacturer appearing in their ads in 1976. Ironically, following his diagnosis with lung cancer McClaren spent several years promoting an anti-smoking campaign!

The second Marlboro Man to succumb to lung cancer was David McClean (seems Mc was a requirement to land the gig, eh?) and he died in 1995. His family slapped Phillip Morris with a lawsuit claiming that McClean had to smoke as much as five cigarette packs a day at times to meet the demand for print ad shoots and commercial filming.


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