Before being used on people, breast implants were tested on dogs.

Breast implants, aka fake breasts, have been in use for the last 50 years-on people. The pioneer surgeons behind the first operation were Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow of the Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston, Texas, who performed it on one Timmie Jean Lindsey back in 1962. Prior to the first successful implant being made, the guinea pig was a dog going by the name Esmeralda

breast implants were tested on dogs2

Thomas Briggs, who was a junior resident in plastic surgery back then and Esmeralda’s caregiver, had this to say; “I was in charge of the dog. The implant was inserted under the skin and left for a couple of weeks, until she chewed at her stitches and it had to be removed.”

Lindsey was in fact not going to the hospital for breast implants. She had gone to get a tattoo scraped off her breast and it was then that the doctors asked her if she would like to volunteer the first-of-its-kind op.

“I was more concerned about getting my ears pinned back… My ears stood out like dumbo! And they said ‘Oh we’ll do that too.’” It turned out perfectly and Gerow declared the implants ‘as harmless as water’.  Soon after, the medical team was looking for more women to try out the implants. Wonder how many would turn up today for the free offer.


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