60-65 million years ago dolphins and humans shared a common ancestor

The ancestral connections between dolphins and humans is based on continuing research and other convincing evidence. You may find it quite thought provoking.

Our aquatic phase is theorized to have taken place between nine and three million years ago, at a time which corresponds with the emergence of the dolphin of today.


Mounting evidence suggests that human’s are more closely related to dolphins, far more than they are related to apes. Some of you may be laughing and scoffing right now. However, if you’ve studied the latest scientific research, you would be impressed.

Continuing research increasingly supports that humans, dolphins, and apes evolved from a common ancestor. Some of the arguments linking this relationship between humans and our ocean friends, more than between humans and apes, include minimal body hair, mating habits (dolphins mate face to face – the most common sex position for humans – and both engage in sexual pleasures anytime they feel like, not only when on heat), large brain and expanded neocortex, homosexuality, fatty layer beneath the skin (lacking in apes but present in dolphins and other ocean mammals), liking for water (human babies can swim before they learn to walk) as well as a diving complex (a trait not found in apes), humans perspire when exposed to heat (apes do not), humans shed tears, unlike apes and a whole lot more.

What are your thoughts on this one?


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